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Treadwell painting

Painting of Treadwell High School - Click on image to see larger view
Thanks to Gene Dawson (class of '64) for scanning this painting

I have to admit that for many years, I never gave Treadwell High a second thought.   I went off to college (Ole Miss) in '68, and after that spent many years living in Mississippi.  Then I  moved to Florida in '83, and have been out-of-touch with everyone from my Treadwell High days.

This all changed when I was web-surfing one day and saw an ad for  I spotted a familiar name (Hi Fran!) on the message board, answered her message, and discovered that we were both living in the Gainesville, FL area.  What a surprise!  We immediately made plans for lunch, and spent the time catching up on each other's lives and reminiscing over the '68 yearbook.

Looking over the yearbook made me wonder what happened to all those eager young faces, so full of hopes and dreams and potential. We had our whole lives ahead of us and couldn't wait to get out of high school and (for many of us) free of parental supervision. Where is everyone now? How have their lives turned out?

Fran showed me her photo of the 50th birthday party for the Class of 68, and I immediately regretted that I didn't attend. Now I can't wait for the next reunion!   I borrowed her photo and scanned it, so click here to check it out. 

Then I got the idea to assemble a list of interesting Treadwell links.   Some of these people went to Treadwell before I did, and others long afterward. But we all have one thing in common - Treadwell High touched our lives!

PS: Check out my latest project: - Home page for the Treadwell High Class of 1968

School Info:

Treadwell High home page
The Fighting Eagles Football Web Site

Classes and Reunions:

Class of 1957
Class of 1960 - lots of great stuff, including photos of the old neighborhood
Class of 1960 - 40th Reunion - Sept 1, 2000

Some Treadwell grads have made music a big part of their lives:

Eddie Cash - Class of '59. Eddie's bio details the late 50's music scene in Memphis
Gene's Blues Room - Class of '64. Gene Dawson reminisces about performing at the school talent show and the YMCA
Larry Raspberry's Home Page - he's still dancin' and a-prancin' !
The Gentrys - from the Encyclopedia of Modern Pop
Keith Sykes - another career musician with Treadwell roots (class of '66?)

Some Treadwell grads have specialized in other forms of entertainment:

Jerry Lawler's yearbook photo - I scanned this one from the '67 yearbook - more than you probably want to know about him
Jimmy Hart - a.k.a. the Mouth of the South, and also quite a musician
Doc Martin - actor, comedian, and radio personality

These Treadwell basketball players made it to the NBA:

Penny Hardaway NBA profile - one of the many Penny Hardaway sites (class of '90)
Penny Hardaway bio - More about Penny
Chris Garner's NBA profile
Elliot Perry's NBA profile
LaMarcus Golden (class of '92, no link available) - played for the UT Vols, then transferred to Memphis, played for the Globetrotters, and was waived by the Phoenix Suns in the fall of '99

Some individual sites that I've come across:

Chris Turner, class of '65
Gloria Kersh, class of '78

I'll update this page as I come across stuff of interest, so stay tuned!


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